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Privacy Policy

The owner of the site is "Ahmet Zafer Kaymaz". In the text below, he will be referred to as "Ahmet Zafer Studio®". "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" respects the privacy of visitors to our site.


"Ahmet Zafer Studio®" collects your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address only if you specify it on the website. "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" and/or subcontractors will use this information to meet your requests for information, in other cases, the information you provide to us through the website will remain confidential. From time to time, we may refer to your information so that we can better understand your needs and decide how we can improve our products and services.


We may use this information to contact you. Without your consent, your personal information we obtain from you through the website will never be disclosed to third parties for their own use.


Like many other websites, the "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" website uses a technology known as "cookies" (COOKIES). A cookie is a small text file that the web provider gives to your browser (BROWSER) to be stored on your computer when you visit a website. The cookie has the ability to store many types of data and may be placed in your browser by a second party in "Ahmet Zafer Studio®". Cookies from the website can be used for various purposes: For example, this field saves you from having to re-enter your password for each different site when you want to visit one or more of our websites. Cookies are also used to analyze the use of our sites and the traffic between our sites and to provide information on topics of interest to you.


Cookies also show whether you came to this site of "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" from another site of "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" or through an advertisement or link that does not belong to "Ahmet Zafer Studio®". This allows us to measure the effectiveness of the links between our sites and the effectiveness of our advertising work on websites that do not belong to "Ahmet Zafer Studio®".


Similarly, cookies enable us to determine whether you are registered or merely a visitor to our sites, so we can identify what types of users visit our site and the purposes for which registered or unregistered users use our sites. Cookies also enable us to obtain information about what types of visitors use our sites.

The "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" website does not have a dense list of all users' cookies. Whenever cookies are used, neither "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" nor a third party will use them to collect your personal information without your consent. Many websites are set to accept cookies. However, you can set your browser to refuse all cookies or to alert you when a cookie is being sent. If you reject cookies, some features of our site may not work.

Since it is very common among website operators, "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" websites also maintain web server logs. Web servers automatically recognize your computer from its IP number and store this information in the server logs of the websites. IP address is the number that your Internet Service Provider automatically assigns to your computer when you access the Internet or "surf" (e.g. TÜRK TELEKOM, SUPERONLINE). "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" server logs provide statistical information such as the type of web browser (Chrome, Firefox) your computer uses to access the site, your operating system (Windows or Mac OS), the domain name of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time you access our site and the sites you visit. collects. Websites use this non-personal web server log information for different purposes.

Some of these purposes are; system administration, examining the general traffic patterns of our sites, troubleshooting and obtaining demographic information about the users of our site. There is no personal identifying information in the web server logs. "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" uses technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accidentally or deliberately duplicating, decreasing or misusing your information. All information sent in this context is encrypted to prevent use by third parties for malicious purposes.

"Ahmet Zafer Studio®" site provides links to a number of websites that we believe may provide useful information for you. The privacy policy described here does not apply to those sites. We recommend that you connect to those websites via their data collection and distribution policies to access information. You may revoke your authorization for future use of your personal information for any purpose at any time. All you have to do is send an e-mail to

"Ahmet Zafer Studio®" may adjust its applications and policies from time to time and reserves the right to review "Ahmet Zafer Studio®"'s privacy statement as necessary to disclose these changes and policies. Any changes made to the privacy statement of "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" will be published on this page. Any personal data you sent before the policy change will be used by "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" or the companies we rent in accordance with the "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" privacy statement in effect on the date you sent the personal data.


Continuing to use our sites after the change will mean that you consent to the use of the information you have submitted in accordance with the renewed, amended or edited "Ahmet Zafer Studio®" Internet Privacy Statement.

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